little towns to visit in aus.

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Opportunities outside of big cities are becoming rather attractive to young Australians.  It’s not just the affordability that is pulling people to switch-up, it’s the prettiness that the big cities cannot offer. Here’s a few, in no particular order…

Warwick, Queensland 4370:

This cute little place is only 2.5 hours from the Gold Coast (186.8km), and a lesser 157.6km from Brisbane. Attractions include; Glengallan Homestead & Heritage Centre, national parks to satisfy your adventurous side, Warwick Art Gallery, the Pig and Calf Market where you can listen-in on farmers bidding for livestock, markets for pretty picture frames, carved door knobs and handpainted crockery…

Cessnock, New South Wales 2325:

This town makes you feel far away, but it is only 48km to Newcastle – 90% of which is highway cruising. Cessnock forms part of the Hunter Valley region which must mean plenty of wineries and fancy restaurants. You also have the opportunity to enjoy; helicopter rides, markets, cottage-stay, horse riding, hikes & bike trails…

Berrima, New South Wales 2577:

This historical town is small but there is plenty to see. Take a tour through Harpers Mansion, visit on a day when the old jail is open, spend in all the pretty little shops, enjoy some fresh scones, stay at the White Horse Inn…

Ballarat, Victoria 3350:

Only 105km from Melbourne, Ballarat gives you the option to have the best of both worlds. This isn’t your typical country town, Ballarat has a population of over 93,000 and is expected to only grown quicker and quicker due to its size, historic beauty, employment opportunities, well established entertainment venues…This place needs to be on your weekend away list.

Mount Wilson, New South Wales 2787:

This beaut pops up out of no where! If you’re visiting on the weekend for a day trip pack a picnic because there will be plenty of walking and no Cafes or restaurants. If you’re there on Saturday, there’s a family living across the road from the church who allow visitors to walk the 12 hectares of land that has been with them for generations. You can spend the entire day, or even ask about the cottages available for rent. You will keep walking and walking because there’s so much to admire, something to consider is borrowing a pet for the day from Lend a Pet, it makes your day extra special and brings you that much closer to Mother Nature.

Windsor, New South Wales 2756:

When driving, Windsor is only an hour/56km from Sydney’s CBD. It does feel long on the train because of the never ending stops, but in actual fact it’s the same distance to the CBD as Penrith. This suburb was the third chosen by Brittish Settlers, it’s packed with heritage buildings and character-filled properties. Property prices have increased in the last few years, but you can still find a beautiful home under $500,000, which is something you can’t say about almost all of Sydney’s suburbs! It’s truely a very pretty place.

Orange, New South Wales 2800:

Yet another beautiful spot, Orange will seriously surprise you. When I first visited Orange I was very impressed, it has everything you need and so much more, seriously, it’s not a small town by any means. It also has great nearby weekend spots like Millthorpe, where you can rent a cute cottage and enjoy the botanical gardens, shops, inspections, etc. (Millbank cottage is highly recommended).

Northam, Western Australia 6401:

Northam has a number of touristy-type attractions, but the main one, the one that got it on our list, is of course hot air ballooning…! Definitely worth a visit, if not for that you also have the option of visiting the wineries, museum, restaurants…

Hahndorf, South Australia 5245:

Have you heard of Hahndorf? the oldest German settlement in Aus. It’s a very popular spot. Museums; modern and antique art, fruit markets, German beer bars, horse riding, spas…need I say more…

Zeehan, Tasmania 7469:

Zeehan holds a beautiful event annually called the Zeehan Gem and Mineral Fair; jewellery, crystals, opals, earth rocks, beads, all things natural and magical – this event alone attracts people from all parts of Australia. There’s also; fishing, wining and dining, yachts, sandboarding, museums, theatre…


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