dog safe: human lotions and remedies.

tricks to stop itch, disinfect, reduce swelling, fight stinky odor, and more…

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Research based on dog use only…

Witch-hazel: Dab on the infected area, can be used as an antiseptic .

Anti-bacterial soap: You can use this to clean cuts, wounds, etc.

Vicks vaporub: Apply a small amount of VapoRub to your dog’s chest to fight congestion.

Unflavoured metamucil: This can be used on dogs that have constipation, just mix it in with their food.
Dogs: 1 tsp for medium – large dogs, only half a tsp for smaller dogs.

Aveeno oatmeal medicated bath: This will sooth itchy skin and help lessen swelling. Feel free to bath your dog twice a week in this for a good result, they will love you for it later.

Vaseline: This is great for flaky rashes commonly caused by allergies.

Sudocrem: You can use this for a graze, a sore, to sooth a rash. Dab it on. Do not excessively use it because your dog will probably lick bits of it off. Not to worry though as Sudocrem is designed for babies and children so even if your dog eats a small amount, he/she will be okay.

Salty-water: This is great for sore paws and little cuts.

Sunscreen: If your pooch’s nose is not black, be sure to rub some sunscreen on there to prevent sunburn.

Baby powder: (No talc kind) Does your dog have a strong, and not so nice smell? Sprinkle baby powder on your pet’s towel and rub it over their body. It smells great and is totally safe.

Fish oil: Healthy dogs can be given 100 to 150 mg EPA and DHA per 4.5kgs of body weight daily. Fish oil is great for their coat, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and it also gives support for dogs with kidney disease.  Please be wary of the expiration date.

Plain cooked oatmeal: Great to help fight diarrhea.

Here’s just a few household/everyday items that you should NEVER give your dog:

  • Toothpaste. It’s extremely poisonous. Same thing goes for mouthwash.
  • Pain Killers. Do not give your dog any human pain killers. Not worth the risk, no matter what Google says. So it’s a no to; Panadol, Advil, Paracetamol, Sudafed…etc.
  • Diabetes medication may lead to seizures.
  • Antidepressants should never be given to your dog.
  • Human antibiotics are definitely not to be used on dogs.

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