dreams & animals: what means what and why…

get to know the why behind the animal in your dreams…

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Understanding your dreams can unlock the barrier between the everyday-you and your inner-self.  There’s a big difference between the two, and more often than not we find ourselves in search of answers to questions that relate directly to who we are because of the busy buzz of the quickly changing world around us which is so easy to get lost in.  Make note of your dreams and improve your state of mind. Our dreams spell it all out for us sometimes, but we are taught to ignore the what, instead of understanding the why. Try a different approach and begin writing your dreams down. Keep a book beside your bed, and read it after a couple of entries – I promise you will learn about yourself. Below is a list of animals and what they mean when they make an appearance in your deep sleep.

Dogs: If you were attacked by a dog in your dream I suggest you spend time with nature, be sure to approach and pat a dog with sincerity if given the opportunity. Forgive the animal if you have had a bad past experience. Dogs represent loyalty and unconditional love. For a dog to attack there must be a reason. Are you feeling guilty? Are you finding it hard to decide between right and wrong? On the contrary, if the dog was once yours, a family dog perhaps, consider this a blessing. Animals, just like people who have passed, can visit us in our dreams. Where were you with the dog? Who else was there? Dogs are full of expressions, which face/feeling did the dog let-off?

Bees: Reproduction or domestic day-to-day with much noise, no breaks, no sense of privacy, but the sweetness of monetary benefits. This could mean you need time with your partner, time to get to know each other again without the noise. The noise could be your children, it could also very easily be work. You will know what’s buzzing you off. Bees could also mean you feel overly busy, but you are being rewarded – just remember to take a break when it’s needed.

Birds: Independence, liberty, feeling high in the sky – all things good! Have you recently left a toxic relationship behind? Finished a situation that was brining anxiety? Are you following your dreams? Are you making time for your hobby? Or making sure to balance your life by doing something that you love, resulting in independence and liberty? Is this something you see yourself doing but need to work on…? Do it. Be free like a bird. But wait, different kinds of birds can have totally different meanings. If you did not dream a bird in flight, or feel the happiness of freedom, try and remember the kind of bird that visited you in your dream. For example, an owl can symbolise death of a loved one. An eagle can symbolise a brave figure or an authoritative figure that you respect. A pigeon could represent a stranger, disease, feeling among lots but alone. Swans relate to comfort and appreciation of your surroundings. This category could easily be a post of its own.

Cats: This is a tricky one. Much like a bird, the motion, environment, colour and sensation play an important role in interpreting the significance of this animal in your dream. Cats can relate to an important female in your life. It could be trying to lead you somewhere, to show you something – the something can be good or bad, but it’s something you need to see regardless. A cat can be possessed by a spirit, or fight against evil spirits in your life or home. A cat can represent seduction. Cats are also linked to magic and superstition, creativity and passion.

Bats: Something unknown to you is lingering and you feel as though it will make a negative impact, or, your anxiety levels are running high because of a situation or person that is present or forthcoming. If you are walking confidently amongst the bats towards a common destination this could reflect that you seek revenge and hurt. Be careful, this would be a good time to turn things upside down, much like a sleeping bat, meditate, and forgive.

Crocodiles: A person, who may not be a loved one, is; attempting to skew a situation in their favour, lying to you, trying to trick those around you. The crocodile is selfish and destructive. No mercy here. Their success in doing this frightens you and angers you on a deep level.

Bears: Battling a bear and winning represents a surge of strength and heroism which you may be feeling because of a recent event, or a situation which you wish to tackle with no fear. Men who fought and defeated/killed a bear were once considered masculine, strong, fearless and very capable. Remember though, such men saw struggles whilst in battle that their later fan-base did not. They likely ran, had moments of panic, worried, and at times thought they would lose, but it’s the result that is remembered. Did the bear win? Did you cleverly escape the big bear?  Is there an aggressor in your life?  Remember that you must play a smart and quick game of chess with a bear and if that means you have to cleverly escape, then that’s perfectly okay.

Bull: Think Taurus. Brave, masculine, true in his/her word, quick to fight and stubborn. A visit from this animal may mean that your emotions are quick to saturate difficult situations, you may sometimes come off aggressive even though your heart is honest and in the right place. Remember, not everyone can see or understand your heart, to these people the aggression is evident and unforgivable. Did you run from the bull? Do you need to appreciate the bull’s traits and learn from the bull in order to conquer?

Cows: Cows can mean that money or something good (be it good news, a decision is made, etc.) is on its way to bring comfort and plenty of peace. Cows are at ease, they are well nourished, cows know how to chill, they are happy with themselves.

Wolves: Wolves can represent wild behaviour that threatens to destroy. This could be reflective of your own behaviour or someone close to you. Even if you feel the person or situation is out of control, be patient, do not torment the wolf by spitting fuel or making noise. Stand strong in your position, don’t be soft. It’s best to cut ties if this person’s bad has proven to be too powerful to overcome their good.

Snakes: Have you recently recognised and resolved a problem? Are you in the process of healing? Are you experiencing change? Shedding the skin you are in…Or is there someone in your life, or in the life of a loved one, that you cannot allow yourself to trust? What is stopping you from trusting? Are you worried that this person may take advantage or swallow you whole? Is the snake after you? Or are you trying to protect? Are you too involved? Your intuition is strong and mostly correct in its judgement.

Are we missing an animal that visited has you in your dreams? Comment below.

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