25 special pet names & what they mean.

Twenty-five names to choose from, and the meaning behind each.

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Twenty-five special names:

1. Lennie
‘Strong as a lion’.

2. Sala
The Hebrew meaning behind this name is ‘peace’, how pretty.

3. Tino
The perfect small pet name, why….? Because it means exactly that in Italian, ‘small’.

4. Conrad
This name is for the cool pets, the loyal mates, the homeboys. Meanings behind this name include; ‘bold’, ‘wise’, ‘an experienced advisor’, ‘the brave’.

5. Alby
A Celtic name meaning ‘white’, much more inventive than Snowball.

6. Bonny
Also means ‘beautiful’, a very sweet name for a very sweet pet.

7. Cheri
Cheri means ‘darling’ in a couple of languages. Very cute!

8. Harvey
Apparently Harvey means ‘army warrior’, but it sounds cute and innocent.

9. Montgomery or Monty for short
A very strong yet charming male name. The French meaning behind Montgomery is ‘mountain belonging to the ruler’.

10. Zayba
The Islamic meaning behind this pretty name is ‘adornment’, ‘beauty’ or ‘to beautify’.

11. Sanaa
The African meaning is ‘art’.

12. Beau
French for ‘beautiful’.

13. Reno
A male name meaning ‘gambler’. Reno is of American origin.

14. Pip
Pip means ‘lover of horses’, (Greek meaning).

15. Scout
Means ‘one who gathers information covertly’.

16. Macho
Macho is Spanish for ‘male animal’. This word also means ‘masculine’, ‘having strength’, ‘having energy’.

17. Luigi
The Italian behind this name is ‘renowned fighter’.

18. Hooch
Hooch means ‘alcoholic liqueur’.

19. Rufus
Rufus mean ‘red haired’, you could also choose Rufio which holds the same meaning.

20. Elvis
The Scandinavian meaning behind the name Elvis is ‘all-wise’, and then of course there is the king of rock E.P.

21. Bambi
Bambi comes from the Italian word bambino meaning ‘little child’.

22. Mena
This name has multiple meanings as it exists in many different countries, here are two of our favourites. Indian meaning: knowledgable. German meaning: strength.

23. Alora
The African meaning behind this name is ‘dream’, which would be perfect for a gentle, sleepy, or very obedient pet.

24. Cedric
An old English name meaning ‘kind’ and ‘loved’.

25. Bishop
Bishop is an English name meaning ‘overseer’.


The end.


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