pets & snakes; prevention & tips

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First thing’s first, act fast, get to the vet.

Second, identify the snake as best as you can, if you can. Give your vet a description of the snake if possible. Do not put yourself in danger. Definitely do not try and catch or kill the snake. 

If getting to the vet will take time here are some tips that will help save your pet’s life:

  • Wrap the area bitten, and around the area tightly. This will help slow the spreading until the vet arrives.
  • Do not apply ice packs, alcohol, etc. this is just a waste of time.
  • Do not wash the wound, or apply any cream etc. 


  • Near bush lands and sand dunes ensure you use a leash to avoid snake attacks.
  • Keep your shed tidy.
  • Keep your grass cut short.
  • Do not pile weeds and cuttings in your yard.
  • Check on ponds or any water features in your yard. Keep your pet away from such features as this attracts snakes.
  • Keep doors, windows without covers, etc. closed as snakes will often find ways to enter your home.

Remember, only a licensed local herpetologist can catch and relocate a snake for a fee. All snakes are protected by Government legislation and killing one is an offence. Only licensed people are allowed to catch or keep snakes.

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