tips to keep your dog cool in hot weather

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Some tips to keep your pooch cool in hot weather.

1. Baby pool

Is your dog mostly, or only, outside? A great way to keep them cool is to buy a kiddie’s pool, the thick plastic kind, and fill it up somewhere under a tree or a bit of shade. 

2. Wet towels 

If you have a paved backyard, remember to lay a carpet or some wet towels down to save your pooch’s paws from burning and peeling.

3. Ever tried ice-cubing a toy?

This is both entertaining and refreshing.

4. Buzz cut

Visit your local pet parlour and get them a nice short do! It will help!

5. Ice bed

If it’s scorching outside buy a bag of ice and empty it out on the grass in the shade, the ice will last just long enough to create a nice cool bed to nap on. 

6. Pillows & blankies 

Pull any thick blankets or pillows out of the doggie house. Replace it with fresh, less plush bedding.

7. More than one water bowl!

Park a few bowls, or buckets for the big guys, in a shaded area outside- especially if you won’t be home all day. 

8. Ice cubes

In the weather we’ve been having, these ice cubes won’t last long, but throwing a couple of cubes in your pet’s drink bowl is a good way to keep their water cooler for longer.

9. Tiles

Roll up your indoor decorative carpets if you have tiles. 

10. Shade!

Make sure your pooch has plenty of shade in your backyard, the last thing they want is to be in this summer sun all day! If you don’t have any trees bring out an old sheet and tie it up to create your own. Sometimes their kennels are too stuffy and an outdoor undercover area is much more attractive.

12. Hose em down

If your dog is mostly outdoors, give them a nice sprinkle with the hose in the early afternoon when the sun is at its strongest. Make sure you feel the water as it will most likely be too warm at first.

13. Timing is everything

Walk your dog in the early hours of the morning, or when it’s cooler in the evening. If it’s too hot for you outside, chances are they feel the same way.

Can you think of something we’ve missed? Feel free to comment below.
All the best!

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