Lend or Borrow a Pet! Aus-wide!

lend or borrow a pet, Aus-wide! read the full breakdown of this service here…

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It’s here! The ultimate service for animal lovers, an Aus-wide lending and borrowing community – Lend a Pet.

Let’s break it down.

What: Lend a Pet is an Australia-wide pet lending and borrowing service. You can lend or borrow for a short period, a couple of hours, a weekend, while your on holidays…Lend a Pet is insured and each member that becomes part of the community is screened and checked before they are used for matching.

Where: Across Australia! If you’re unsure about the number of Lend a Pet members within your area, send the team an email with your questions and location and they will get back to you quick snap! Lend a Pet is growing every day so the odds are in your favour!

Why: Here are some of the benefits for the pet owner, and for the pet borrower.

Benefits for the pet owner

  • Get some help with exercising your dog. Dogs need to be walked once a day! They need regular exercise. Lend a Pet understands that these days people are often very busy and as much as they would love to, they just don’t get the time to walk their dog once a day.  Why not sign up to Lend a Pet and get your dog some extra walks and adventure.
  • Avoid dog walking costs! These walks really add up $$$! Lend a Pet do not charge you per lend or borrow throughout the year of your membership.
  • No more dog kennel/boarding facility fees. This is a big one. If you go away for a few days a boarding facility will charge an average of $70 per day! Lend a Pet gives you the chance to build a connection with a Borrower who can look after your pet happily whilst you are away and you do not pay, you are only asked to provide the food and necessities for the time period.
  • Lend a Pet vs boarding facilities. Lend a Pet’s Borrowers genuinely take care of your pet as if it were their own. These people would love to own a pet but can’t right now due to space, time, rent restrictions, etc.  Your pet will get special, one-on-one care.
  • Get updates of your pet whilst they are with the Borrower! It really does feel great to receive photos and updates of your pet out and about, when they would otherwise be chilling at home. It just strips the guilt away.
  • Spread happiness! There are many people out there who would absolutely love to have a pet of their own, but for reasons including space, time, rent restrictions etc. they just can’t right now. They would just love to spend some time with your pet, be it for a walk, a friend to cuddle whilst watching movies, a fun and healthy weekend activity…

Benefits for the pet borrower

  • Spend time with a pet that you would otherwise love to own but due to time, space, rent restrictions, etc. you just can’t right now. Why not borrow a pet and get your animal fix!
  • The time-frame is negotiable, you do not have to commit to a couple of months. Borrow a pet for a couple of hours, a weekend, a week. Lend a Pet can find you the right fit.
  • Test whether a pet is right for your family before making the big commitment. Lend a Pet is a great way to give yourself/your family a test run prior to actually buying a pet.
  • Has your family dog recently passed? Some Lend a Pet members miss spending time with a dog, but are just not ready to move on and buy a new family member. Lend a Pet helps with this transition period.
  • Get fit! Are you looking for a reliable walking partner? Has your bff left you hanging one too many times? Lend a Pet will match you with the ultimate walking buddy!
  • Looking for something fun to fill your day? Why not take a dog out for a beautiful walk with your friend, partner, or by yourself with pretty surroundings.

How: The Lend a Pet crew do the hard work. They will match you up to nearby Borrowers or Lenders. When you make your profile you are asked for a number of details which help with the matching process. Once your profile is made, and activated, the Lend a Pet crew will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm a few details. After this, you will begin to receive borrowing / lending opportunities via email. It is your choice to accept or decline the opportunity. Remember, if you are looking to lend or borrow on a specific date make sure you reach out to the Lend a pet crew and they will do their best to always accommodate to your requests.

How much? You do not pay per lend or borrow. You only pay a one time $49.99 to activate your profile. This is a membership fee that lasts you an entire year. Lend a Pet uses PayPal to ensure the transaction is safe. You do not need to have a PayPal account, there is an option to pay without creating a PayPal account once you reach the paying window.

Is it safe? Yes! The Borrowers are genuine animal lovers who are just looking to spend some time with a pet. If anything was to happen, Lend a Pet has each and every members’ details (including full name, address, DOB, profile picture, etc.), and all profiles are screened – Lend a Pet is also insured. In order to ensure maximum safety it is best to register and microchip your pet, this is something you should always have in place. It is not possible for a pet to be stolen with these measurements in place.

Get in touch: Get in contact with the Lend a Pet crew by visiting www.lendapet.com.au or send them an email! contact@lendapet.com.au

Social media: Lend a Pet are contributing to the happiness of pets and animal lovers Australia-wide, please take a minute to follow them on each of these platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We hope you enjoyed this post!


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