26 things to do, to make you smile

a list that maybe useful for now or later…

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Things that you can do in your downtime to just feel good, because feeling good often needs to happen as often as possible. 

ONE: a massage, pick an area that needs focus each week and indulge in a 30 minute minimum well-deserved massage.

TWO: plan your best friend’s birthday party, the sooner you get started the better. 

THREE: a 1 hour walk, this should be easy to accomplish within 7 days! Sign up to Lend a Pet and borrow a dog as a walking partner (Australia wide).

FOUR: a bath.

FIVE: wash and trim, at the hairdressers. You won’t always need the trim but if you have a good hair salon, that makes a good coffee and has a stack of newish magazines, a professional hair wash will feel like enough time out. 

SIX: a friend date, once a week. Coffee and chat, maybe a movie, mostly chat.

SEVEN: a pedicure.

EIGHT: a bit of gardening, try planting some seeds.

NINE: watch your favourite movie, and it has to be an oldie.

TEN: tea and park, order yourself a tea and find a quiet seat in the park.

ELEVEN: watch a TED talk on YouTube.

TWELVE: make dinner and invite someone over, and don’t just do the usual roast. Put some effort in and make it new.

THIRTEEN: make a hamper for someone you love. And make it all about what they love. Maybe include; a candle, a book, body butter, a face mask…

FOURTEEN: i dare you to start reading a book. But only if if makes you smile.

FIFTEEN: create a new email address for your son/daughter/sister/mum/dad, and continue to send it photos and updates on special occasions. It’s like a folder of your memories. Give them the login details on their birthday.

SIXTEEN: work out video, from the 80’s!

SEVENTEEN: kick a ball, go to the park with a friend and kick a soccer ball because you probably haven’t done that in ages.

EIGHTEEN: organise a class, to a random event, with a friend. A cooking class, a dance class, zumba, pottery, painting…

NINETEEN: make some candles, there’s a step-by-step on this blog site.

TWENTY: buy a notebook, and begin diarising your dreams.

TWENTYONE: organise a reunion, a primary/high school reunion. Set up a Facebook page!

TWENTYTWO: draw eyebrows on your dog with eyeliner, and please share your results on social media.

TWENTYTHREE: make a photo book, Vistaprint is cheap and easy to use/design.

TWENTYFOUR: buy one outfit, online. 

TWENTYFIVE: design a t-shirt, and send it to a friend. 

TWENTYSIX: buy a lotto ticket and be in it.
Did we miss something? I’m sure we did….Leave us your tips in the comment section below!

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